Friday, July 30, 2010

Fridays Favorite

What is more wonderful than snuggling on the couch or in bed with adorable little ones to share a great story by my favorite author, Dr. Seuss?!?! Right now Myles favorite book is One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. He walks up and says 'fish book', I can't say no. I will brag that I do know the entire book by heart now...I know most of them by heart actually.

My own personal all time favorite Dr. Seuss book is Oh, the Places You'll Go. It was given to me on my high school graduation by one of my sisters, it has been a treasured book ever since. I read it to Rob on our first date, given it as gifts myself, and one of my brothers personalized it as his way to propose to his amazing wife. 

Even Dr. Seuss rooms are appealing, as long as they are simplified like these from Pottery Barn...

If it is Cat In The Hat, Green Eggs & Ham, Mr. Brown Can Moo Can You, or If I Ran The Zoo take a moment to read it with a little one, a loved one, or even by yourself. It is Friday and the perfect way to wind down is with a good read. 'From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere.' Have a fabulous weekend!! Mel :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Project updates...

While Rob is back in Calgary checking up on work I had him send me some photos of the jobs that are underway. Here is an image showing the framing crew craning up the roof trusses on the Wexford spec home.

The foundation is in and the next homes to go to the framing stage are the ones I featured HERE in Montgomery. Both sides of this duplex are sold and I am really looking forward to working with the clients to make each side reflect their personal style. And check out that amazing view, they will face the river valley, see the mountains, and the ski jumps from the '88 Olympics.

Finally our own home, FINALLY. We had it staked out so now the excavator can begin the process of removing the trees for the road and home excited!

We still have a few more homes slated to hit ground but as of now this is where we are at. At this point it gets fun; the kitchen designs, color selections, and all that are starting to take place. I am going to be one busy girl when we get back to reality! Enjoy your day and smile. Mel :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Knock Knock

My brother & sister in law left yesterday to go visit one of her very good friends in Nantucket. While they are staying at one of the most fabulous compounds there, that is seriously too amazing to believe, I wanted to live in the fantasy world of having a beach home there. HERE is the one that I think would be perfect for our family. Come join us...

Just pull your car right up to the door, I would love to great you with a warm smile and a glass of vino.

Shall we head out to the back so the children can swim while we catch up?

I am going to pop into the kitchen so I can get dinner ready, how does a Roasted Veggie Orzo Salad sound with grilled tenderloin?

We will eat in the dining room while the children enjoy each others company in the kitchen nook.

Lets head into the living room to play a game of Cranium, men vs. women?

I went ahead and had Rob put your bags in your room, I hope you sleep well.

And now it is time for us to turn in, we have a big day ahead of ourselves tomorrow.

Yes, I do have a vivid and wild imagination. I like to think BIG. Now if you are interested and have $10.8million to spare let me know. I would love to come and join you here. Have a great day and I hope it includes a day dream or two. Mel :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Stained or Painted or Both??

Title says it all, wood or painted, or possibly a combination? Reason I am asking is Rob & I are at a standstill with each other regarding the Wexford Spec help a girl out. I have already pulled the 'I'm the Interior Designer here, not you.' Part of the joy of working with the husband I guess.


Image via hote-Is
Image via Houzz
 Image via Kitchn&Bath


Image via Houzz
Image via Kitchen & Bath
Image via Laratta


Image my own
Image via Atlanta Home Magazine
Image via Houzz

So let me have it, if you could have any kitchen right now in your home, what would you go for? All white, medium to a dark wood stained cabinet,  or a combination of the two??

Thank in advance go off and enjoy the rest of your Tuesday, after all it is the last full week of July already! Mel :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Call me obsessed...

I know, I have a new obsession weekly, heck, daily. But this obsession is well worth it! Let me share a few images of the work by Lucas Studios *sigh*

I have to say that this is the most AMAZING nursery I have ever seen. Is it the most practical? No, but neither are high heels and those are a requirement in my life.

And this sitting area, isn't it just calling your name??

A perfect soft white kitchen paired with the industrial style lights & bar stool...perfection.

A teal blue selected for the wood work in this room, it works so well!

The combination of the striped sofa, chevron rug, & textured bamboo blinds flanked by heavy side panels...yes please!

All images via Lucas Studios

Talk about amazing inspiration. I look forward to seeing what these talented designers come up with as time goes by. Hope you have enjoyed their work as much as I have, now off to start my Monday. Mel :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Fridays Favorite

Fridays favorite is inspiration. I love how one image can be so inviting, give you a warm feeling, and can become the guide to a whole home in one. Here is one of my all time favorite images that I have used for insperation...

Image via GardenWeb

Have a safe & wonderful weekend! Mel :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Final exteriors...

Our final exteriors are done, one step closer. There are just a few tweaks that need to be made to the exterior rear elevation window plan, but besides that we area good to go...and I did sneak the trellis across the other side of the front elevation, it looks so much better now. Here is a peek at what we will call home (if we ever get home to get it started).

Here was the exterior before I balanced it out...

 And now the final revisions...

Again, still revisions to be made to the exterior window plan and SDL (window grill) design & placement. But oh how I can't wait to sip a glass of wine next to the outdoor fireplace...heaven!

Our cabin is empty of house guest for the first time in quiet a while, so today will be all about family time and enjoying the silence. Enjoy yours! Mel :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Knock Knock

Here is a peek into a stunning home designed by Sullivan Conrad Architects in Seattle, I hope you enjoy!!

We are off for some family time at Silver Dollar City with the Dallas based family, lots of fun and funnel cakes!! Mel :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

William Sanoma Home

While sourcing for a client based on Long Island I rediscovered my love for the Williams Sonoma Home collection. A lot of stores tend to stay on the back burner for me since the do not ship to Canada, but my clients based in the States allow me to virtually live through them. Hoping she goes for the Bedford Sofa (in the first image), hint hint Katie.

Here are just a few of my favorite items from them...

All images via

Now that Monday is over relax a bit and enjoy the rest of the week. Mel :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Applinaces selected & why...

One of our spec homes is being famed and they are on the second level which means it is time for me to get my kitchen drawings going. Before I can begin the drawings I need to select the appliances that will grace this home. Right after framing the plumber does the rough-in and then the electrician, without the scaled cabinet drawings they have no road map for the rough-in's. So here is what the spec home will be wearing (I like to think of the appliances as the best accessories for the kitchen)...

Kitchen Aid 42" Built-In French Door Fridge
A stunning fridge, great design, great value (about $2,000 less than a Sub Zero), and it is built-in giving the kitchen a fully custom feel.

Kitchen Aid Dishwasher 
I know, not my beloved Bosch, but some potential buyers love all of the appliances to match. Aesthetically it is just as appealing as the Bosch with the hidden controls and clean lines.

Kitchen Aid 30" Double Wall Ovens
In our last home we had Thermador double wall ovens. They are considered to be a higher end product than the Kitchen Aid but I have to say that I prefer the Kitchen Aid way more. It has a more even heat, great for baking. The cooling fan is substantially quieter and also runs for a shorter period of time.

Kitchen Aid 36" 6 Burner Range Top
Best bang for your buck when it comes to range tops. I have a 6 burner gas at our own home and when entertaining I use at least 5 of them, those that have used one will never use anything else.

Panasonic Microwave & Trim Kit
This allows for us to built it into the cabinetry without having to put it on a shelf. It creates a more custom look since it appears 'built-in' with the added trim kit.

Vent-A-Hood Liner
By choosing a liner for the hood fan I am allowed to design a custom wood canopy that will conceal the unit. Not only is the canopy usually a central focal point of the kitchen but it also is a great area to add some creativity and flare to the cabinetry design. 

Now I am off to do some research and find inspiration for this kitchen, someone will eventually call it home so I want to make it perfect. Hope your weekend was wonderful and filled with laughter. Mel :)
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