Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Knock Knock - Fun LA Home

Talk about some fun punches of color and funky spaces in this LA home listed for a mere $8,265,000. I guess a $1,000 a Sq. Ft. a a 'deal' in LA...makes me feel somewhat better about the price point for our market here in Calgary.
 At first I see the fuchsia on the sofas, the tables, and above the fireplace but then I see the stunning ceiling.
 Adore these dining room chairs. The traditional space with the molding takes on a more modern twist with the furnishings and fixtures.
 Love the hood, the range, the white, but WAIT WHAT?! Over $8mil and is that an el' cheapo standard fridge that I can pick up at Lowes for under $1,500? No, wrong, plop in a Sub Zero and then we can talk.
 Love the triplet beds and the triplet lights. Perfect space for little ones.
 My own pool with my own cabana? Yes, please. Now can I have my own pool boy as well??
 Pop of color with the lime green chairs in the study, and what about that light?! I love when every light fixture in a home was thought out and that is the case in this home.
 Again, more great lighting selections and I do believe that is the coolest half hippo table I have ever seen.
 Yes, I would be more than happy to host all of you here to a wonderful meal, well, once that fridge is replaced with a proper one for this price point, just saying.
via MLS

I will admit that I have only been to LA once and that was to hop on a plane to get to Maui. While that was not the best experience I would love to go back and spend a few days viewing some of the amazing properties that are listed out there. Mel xo

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy 5

Our little man turns 5 today.

The day is all about him, everything else is on the back burner and I think I may be more excited than he is! As per his request we will be seeing Kung Fu Panda II, eating red tuna sashimi, and then going to the toy store. He also asked to go to Maui, the Hubs & I would LOVE to make that happen as well but I have boxes to pack and he as our house to wrap up this week. Happy birthday W, love you more than you will ever know and yes, we will go back to Maui soon! xoxoxo mommy

Friday, May 27, 2011

Project Update: Our House

OK, so I know I said last week that I wasn't going to update on our house again but I am just too excited with the progress not to! They have started to install the plumbing fixtures and as you can see, some of my Visual Comfort lights have arrived, hopefully more soon.

The 10mm frame-less glass is installed in the showers and I am loving the polished chrome handle I found, a bit different that the usual suspects.

 The our closets are almost completed, just waiting on the bank of drawers to be installed and my lights to arrive. This past we also had all of the carpet installed, hard to tell with the coverings but loving the cream wool I went with.

Lights and final plumbing fixtures installed in the boys bathroom, just waiting the mirrors and wallpaper install.

In the guest bathroom on the upper level the Vouge Bay Bubbles backsplash has been installed along with the faucet, while it is the wrong one (supposed to have white handles) we have something there until the right one comes in.

 The kitchen is also starting to take shape. Our custom stainless hood is being templated today and hoping to get it by the second week in June, fingers crossed. Also loving the custom corbels that our finishers & I designed.

Appliances are delivered and what can be installed has been. Just waiting on the marble counters & splash along with the butcher block island top. I know my girl Victoria is on it for me...she is trying to keep all of those cute Italian boys at the granite shop in line. ;)

 The shaker style alder beams are completed, stained, and awesome. The stone work was completed yesterday morning so the mortar is still quiet wet and will lighten up a substantial amount, I love the warmth the stone adds to the white filled space.

 The powder room is ready for the marble so the plumbing can be finished off. I am loving the high gloss walls, the Hubs, not so much. He wins some and he loses some, this is one he lost. Mud room is pretty much completed, just need to order up some nice polished nickel hooks for the 'lockers' and awaiting the Hicks lights.

 The Ocean Blue Vein Cut foyer tile was installed this past weekend as well. I know, shocker, I had it installed in a chevron pattern. The tile is oh so pretty and the lineal lines of it work with the pattern. 

Below is my gym, part of my 13 hour Sunday that I put in at the house. Lovin' the stripes and with my canary yellow pullup bar and a few other fun items I have found I know I will enjoy spending time in this space.

Bar & wine room are awaiting final electrical and the 10mm framless glass walls...I will admit that I am excited to see this space finished. While it did turn out a thousand times larger than it was supposed to I know it will see many fun nights! Carpet, railing, wainscoting on the stairs...done!

 Finally lets not forget the weather, OH THE WEATHER!!! Lets just say my Hunters have been my best investment in a long long time. And yes, that is my foot covered in mud/rain/muck/yuck! The site is a mess, we are averaging one tow truck a day right now. So Mother Nature, besides all of the muck you are delaying the exterior work and landscaping. I see a lot of baths for 2 little guys in my future!!

 I have a lot more to share with all of you, a super fun kitchen I am working on and as all of the jobs that we currently have in the design phase. More to come soon!!! Mel xo

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Canadian Icon: Hudson Bay Blanket

This is an item that I have long adorned. From growing up with a Canadian father in the Midwest I was always told about the Bay Blanket, something that was a household treasure long ago when my father grew up in a small town in the Canadian Rockies. 

via AnneSage

When I started working on M's room, my almost 3 year old client, I had an idea of where I was headed, but honestly the room has just unfolded over time to become what I think is going to be a rather awesome space. With the wall mural I am working on (more on that later), the woods on the other side of the window, and the twig covered drum shade I knew that the classic Canadian icon known as the Hudson Bay blanket would be perfect.

via ebay | via Just the Splendid | via Pinterest

I am off today to pick one up for his room, I am so excited for him to have a piece of Canada in his room, an item he can hold onto forever. Will he take it to college with him? Will he use it to warm the feet of his future little ones? There are so many possibilities with this little man and I look forward to sharing in those experiences with him. Love you M, mommy xo

 via Denver Post
To help the town & victims of Joplin, Missouri please visit the Convoy of Hope website located HERE.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dark & intimate

When I first picked the dark colors for our home I was a bit worried, would it be too much? With the final coats going on the walls I can say that it was the best choice. I'll share some images with you once the house gets a bit further along, right now I will admit our home looks like bomb went off. If you are thinking of going to the dark side I suggest it, check out these amazing images below...

 via Chicago House & Home | via Little Book of Secrets
 via Little Blue Deer
 via House & Home | via The Desk of Lola
 via Dearest Victoria
 via Desire to Inspire | via Apartment Therapy
 via Lonny

While all of the above images are a bit darker than I have gone they still give a great example of making it work. Play around with textures, materials, and accenting colors...maybe even something a bit unexpected like below? 

via The Decorista

I am off to sing Rain Rain Go AWAY with the boys, one day stuck in the house and they are ready to climb the walls. Enjoy your Tuesday!! Mel xo
To help the town & victims of Joplin, Missouri please visit the Convoy of Hope website located HERE.

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