Friday, April 30, 2010

Fridays Favorite

I thought I would feature my favorite dishes, well, one of my favorite sets. I might have a slight addiction to dishes, serving platters, cake stands, etc. Anyhow, it really was love at first sight when I saw the Tuscan set from Arte Italica while registering for our wedding way back when. I knew I didn't want anything super formal so this set was the perfect fit.

TUSCAN_MAIN.jpg picture by mamanzardo

While the cost is just over $340 per place setting I wasn't expecting to get all of them, quiet frankly I wasn't expecting to get any of them. We did end up with a 2 dinner plates from the wedding, but of course my mom came through and purchased 4 place settings for me on our 1 year anniversary. Every year I add one or two place setting, eventually I will have 12...and the party to go along with them!

P5116.jpg picture by mamanzardo

All of the pieces from this line are simply stunning and we love to use them. Beautiful dishes are like jewelry, they should be used and loved...and being a girl who loves her diamonds with denim they get used a lot.

P5107.jpg picture by mamanzardo   P2530.jpg picture by mamanzardo

Have a great Friday and enjoy your weekend, make sure to eat off of those 'fancy' dishes once this weekend!! Mel ;)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Almost there...

We got our plans back from the architect yesterday and I am really liking the exterior so far, they are slowly getting perfected and finished. Here is the rendering we have for the front elevations so far; it will be finished off with stucco, a stone & brick combination, timber detailing, and chevron style plank siding for the dormers. I am still trying to convince Rob to take the veranda and cedar trellis straight across the main section of the far not successful.

Screenshot2010-04-28at40641PM.png picture by mamanzardo

The one thing I do need to decide on ASAP are the front doors. Iron or wood?? Thoughts and input are appreciated!!! Here are the 2 styles I have in mind, not the exact doors, but pretty good examples.

 Screenshot2010-04-28at45432PM.png picture by mamanzardo 
  6502_LO_lg.jpg picture by mamanzardo 

I have wanted iron doors like those on the top for years, but now that the time has come I am drawn to the wood ones on the bottom. I really do not enjoy selecting thing for our own home, I over analyze every little decision.

Enjoy your Thursday! I am hoping for some sunshine and for the snow to stop, Mother Nature must have forgotten about us up here. Mel :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pendant lighting

So when I think of something to blog about I get a bit obsessed and that turns into a winding road of wonderment on the Internet. Last night it was pendant lighting, so here are some of my favorites found while going down the rabbit hole...

Love this one from Visual Comfort at Nenna's Lighting, simple yet so beautiful. 
Retail $420.
VisualComfort42062755PM.png picture by mamanzardo

Here is a great example of a cage light with some pizazz to it from Shades Of Light
Retail $425.
ShadesofLight425.jpg picture by mamanzardo

This is what sparked my search, how amazing is this from Horchow?? 
Retail $750.
Horchow750.png picture by mamanzardo

Don't assume that you have to spend tons to find something with style, check out this from Ikea
Retail $60.
Ikea60.jpg picture by mamanzardo 

Circa Lighting has an amazing selection, here is one cage light that has a more modern feel to it. 
Retail $840.
 Circa840.png picture by mamanzardo

I get more request for the info on this light from Trans Global, it is the pendant that is pictured on my header above. It can purchased from We Got Lights.
Retail $328.
WeGotLights32882717PM.png picture by mamanzardo

Here is another pendant from Shades of Light. Great style with a quatrefoil detail and great price point, it also comes in 2 other finishes.
Retail $165.
ShadesofLight165.jpg picture by mamanzardo

Here is my obsession, I love this double caged pendant and was ecstatic when I finally found out that Union Lighting in Toronto carries it, hello lover. 
Retail $580.
Union580PM.png picture by mamanzardo 

And to finish off my finds, here is an stunning industrial style pendant with great attention to detail from Urban Archaeology. Quiet a hefty price tag, especially since most would need 2 over an island.
Retail $4335.
 UrbanArchaeology43358PM.png picture by mamanzardo

Hope your week is treating you well, enjoy the day! Mel :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sarah's House week 7

What a fun week on Sarah's House, the bedrooms for the children. One for a girl and one for a boy, both with whimsy and style that will grow with their age.

The girls room is pulled together with tones of pink and fabrics that have a feminine vibe without being too cute and over the top. Now, before going on I would like to take a moment and notice how beautiful the entry door is framed from the hallway with wainscoting and grass cloth wallpaper. 
Pure bliss.

Screenshot2010-04-26at95423PM.png picture by mamanzardo
Image via HGTV

Screenshot2010-04-26at95449PM.png picture by mamanzardo   Screenshot2010-04-26at95500PM.png picture by mamanzardo  
Image via HGTV

I absolutely love this room, one of my favorites from the season so far. The detailing on the ceiling, the antique lantern, and the panel detailing, 3 of my favorite elements in one room. I know I am drawn more to this space since I am the mom to two boys, so decorating in pink and floral is not my forte...maybe one day.

Screenshot2010-04-26at95542PM.png picture by mamanzardo
Image via HGTV

Screenshot2010-04-26at95511PM.png picture by mamanzardo   Screenshot2010-04-26at95529PM.png picture by mamanzardo
Image via HGTV

This was such a refreshing week and so enjoyable after the last two episodes. It makes me anxious to get to our cabin and start decorating the guest rooms. Now, who is coming for a visit this summer?? Have a great Tuesday everyone. Mel :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Oval intrigue...

As our home plans are coming together I find myself obsessed with the oval window. We have used them in homes before and I always find that they add charm and character that a standard shaped window can not give. An architectural interest from the exterior and the interior of the home, call it the oval intrigue.

Screenshot2010-04-25at90936PM.png picture by mamanzardo
Image via Eplans
houseanddesign0307_2.jpg picture by mamanzardo
 Image via House & Design
Visionscapes_oval_window.jpg picture by mamanzardo
Image via Vision Scapes

I know I do not want them in bedrooms, for the simple purpose that they would need to be covered, and since everyone in this home need absolute darkness to sleep it is not the best option.

 Screenshot2010-04-22at85011PM.png picture by mamanzardo
Image Via Houzz

   southernliving-bedroom-blue-fabric-.jpg picture by mamanzardo  
Image via Southern Living

There is always the bathroom, but it will not work with the master bath layout that we have. There is the option of the other bathrooms but I really want venting units in those they are off the list as well.
 Screenshot2010-04-22at84904PM.png picture by mamanzardo
Image my own
 Southernliving-m.jpg picture by mamanzardo
Image via Southern Living

So with all that we are left with 2 possible locations for oval windows in our next home, both in hallways. One on the main level between the mud room & pantry and another on the upper level across from the laundry room. Will they be will just have to come back and see!!

french_stair_window.jpg picture by mamanzardo
 Image via Barnes Vanze
   HouseBeautifulkotm-0209-xlg-6729726.jpg picture by mamanzardo
Image via House Beautiful

One of my favorite things about the oval window is the shadow that they cast. Itself is a work of art, so beautiful.
finehomebuilding190ft093-01_med.jpg picture by mamanzardo
Image via Fine Home Builders

While I was on my search for oval window images (which was a challenge I might add) I came across this phenomenal structure by Smolenicky & Partner. They took the oval window to the next level, hope you enjoy!
 DesignBoompartner_bath_house_3.jpg picture by mamanzardo 

smolenichy_partner_bath_house_1-525.jpg picture by mamanzardo   smolenichy_partner_bath_house_2-525.jpg picture by mamanzardo
Images via Greatfi

Hope you are ready for the week, I know I am ready for some java. Mel :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Fridays Favorite

For Fridays Favorite I would love to feature some stylish reusable tote bags in honor of Earth Day. Yes, I know Earth Day was yesterday...but yesterday was Thursday, and well, it is Fridays Favorite, not Thursdays favorite.

Loving these from Pawling, great for grocery shopping or a quick trip to the mall. Make sure to check out the Etsy store for more fun things...amazing!!!!
il_430xN127333755.jpg picture by mamanzardo  il_430xN108428804.jpg picture by mamanzardo

For something a bit more colorful check out these from b. happybags.
leslie.jpg picture by mamanzardo  robin.jpg picture by mamanzardo

More fun and funky bags are sold at Harlow Bags.
 1004_29010915_vivian_reusable_groce.jpg picture by mamanzardo  1001_79010913_faye_reusable_grocery.jpg picture by mamanzardo

Have a great weekend. When out and about shopping this weekend remember your reusable bag, every little bit helps! Mel :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Appreciation for clean lines

If you already know me or are getting to know me through this site I am sure that you are aware that I am into a more traditional style. Now don't get me wrong, I greatly appreciate the lines and look of a modern/contemporary home. When working on one I tend to push myself just to prove I can spread my design wings. Below is a post of my latest inspiration for our modern homes to come.

When I saw this home by SB Architects I fell in love, it is stunning. Amazing use of space, materials, and lines. I could live in this space. I might need all new furnishings and accessories, but I am always looking for another excuse to go shopping!

Screenshot2010-04-21at90431PM.png picture by mamanzardo

The staircase in the home is a work of art. I love the open felling that it gives throughout the multiple levels of the home, and the hanging pendants with rope detailing are perfect.

Screenshot2010-04-21at90813PM.png picture by mamanzardo   Screenshot2010-04-21at90755PM.png picture by mamanzardo


Screenshot2010-04-21at90713PM.png picture by mamanzardo

Outdoor soaking tub? Yes please.

Screenshot2010-04-21at90616PM.png picture by mamanzardo

The use of Nana Walls in the home creates an almost tree house type feel to the master bedroom.

Screenshot2010-04-21at90535PM.png picture by mamanzardo

Love the chalkboard paint under the island. A space that is often overlooked gets a bit of whimsy.

Screenshot2010-04-21at90645PM.png picture by mamanzardo

Integrated appliances, of course!

Screenshot2010-04-21at90903PM.png picture by mamanzardo
All Images via SP Architects

Hope you enjoyed the tour as much as I did. If you want to see more images of this home check out Houzz here. Have a great Thursday!!! Mel :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The little things...

It is the little things that can make a huge difference. We are in the design process for a new spec home to be constructed and one of the first attempts was just not floating my boat. Too blah, or vanilla as some would say. Since it is a spec home it needs to pop and stand out to potential buyers.
Screenshot2010-04-20at94109PM.png picture by mamanzardo

After sending it back for revisions we came up with the image below. Imagine driving by, both houses are priced the same, which would you go for? If you say the first one, booo. ;) The one below looks like a completely different home, yet it is the exact same with minimal changes. We added simple batten work around the windows and an eyebrow roof line over the front entrance. Total additional cost, less than $1K, yet priceless with the improvement to the curb appeal.
10-991elev2.jpg picture by mamanzardo

It comes down to the little things. Enjoy your hump day. Mel :)
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